Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bleary-eyed at this ridiculous hour, I sit down & write a post, like an idiot, as comic relief, after spending 2 romantic hours with Norton GoBack

. . . playing m'chayei meitim (resurrecting the dead) with Word--since Friday afternoon, I hadn't been able to save to my hard drive the Word files that I'd e-mailed from my office. I'm happy to report that, after "going back" twice and finally restoring the hard drive to the state in which it existed last Tuesday (pre-Yom Tov), I was able to get the blooming thing working again. A blessing on my husband for having installed Norton GoBack and for knowing how to use it.

So here are a few laughs, before what's left of me collapses into bed.

A guy walks into a 7th-Day-of-Pesach get-together and introduces himself. Lightbulbs go on in my head. "Is your father a cantor?" "Yes." "Is his name ________?" "Yes." "I used to babysit for you." To be filed under the category "Long time, no see"--the last time I saw this fellow must have been close to 30 years ago. While we're at it, file it under, "Man, I must be gettin' old, or somethin'." :)

Warning for those easily embarrassed--skip this next one.

Bail-out space.

Don't say you weren't forewarned.

Okay, here goes.

A former colleague of mine, roughly the same 30 years ago, and roughly, at that time, the same age that I am now, commenting on the appearance of a man she'd seen on the way to work: "His pants were so tight, he looked like he had a six-piece set." (You can't make this stuff up, folks.) Fast-forward 30 years. I'm sitting in the subway directly opposite a standee, male, whose pants are so tight . . . And to make matters worse, he has a silver-metal button fly. Sheesh, talk about "X marks the spot," why don't you just mark it with a bullseye? One of the things that I hate about going swimming is Speedo bathing trunks. Please, spare me the blatant advertising and save it for the bedroom. They don't call 'em "private parts" for nothin'. Personally, I find such public displays embarrassing. Wherein is it written that tziniut (modesty) applies only to women? I would really appreciate it if I could ride the subway without having to spend 10 minutes looking everywhere except straight ahead.

End of embarrassing whatever.

The coast is clear.

You can come back now.

The following is G-rated.

Family togetherness in the Jewish blogosphere: Part 1 (see Mark's/PT's comment, and follow his link), Part 2 (see Mrs. Balabusta's comment, keeping in mind that she and TuesdayWishes are sisters), Part 3 (see my response to Mark's/PT's comment), and Part 4 (in which two brothers and their first cousin mix it up in the comments :) ).


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